I’ll explain Doc That Rocks gynaecology and Obstetrics in a minute.  First off, l want to apologize if you are viewing this on a mobile device.  I know there is a problem and I’m working to fix the response times within the theme on mobile devices. I am so sorry.  I look like an unskilled blogger from mobile device views. Please don’t hold that against me.  I had one of the best teachers in the business. Even she can’t fix it for me.  I have to wait until WordPress updates the Divi theme (which I love) to improve response times.  So now that I got that out-of-the-way: nearly 10 years ago, playing a game on Facebook I’m embarrassed to admit I ever played, I made friends with a doctor who goes by the moniker of Doc That Rocks.  I’ll give you the back story on his name later.  It’s an entertaining tale.




I’ve had some sort of body malfunction my entire life. In 2011, I had such a horrible infection, my physicians were just throwing medication at it.  I had thrush. I had a vaginal infection. I had an intestinal infection.  I looked like I died and someone threw me in the microwave to warm be back up.  I was sleeping 20 hours a day.  I was in the hospital twice.  At some point, my team of physicians became less concerned with the why and more concerned over the cure.  For 8 months, I battled this. I posted a status on Facebook to update my family on what was going on.  The doctors were hopeful, I said.  I was on my 4th round of Bactrim (broad spectrum antibiotic), 3rd round of Flagyl (antifungal) , and 3rd round of Diflucan (antifungal) but this time they added Nystatin (another antifungal) to kill some bacterial/fungal infection with no known origin.  Doc that Rocks had little red flags waving all over the place. I think his initial reaction was “WTF is wrong with doctors in your state?” but he was too polite to express his concern in those terms.  He did say he found the combination to be highly unusual for any infection, bacterial or fungal.


This combination of medications were doing nothing but antagonizing each other. So I ditched the specialists and went back to my general practitioner and let her know what my physician friend said to me. She wholehearted agreed with him. She was angry on my behalf because if the physicians missed it, the pharmacist should have caught it.  I sort of fell through the cracks  on this one. Story of my life in healthcare so I wasn’t surprised at all.  Because of this regimen of medications I had a graveyard of dead pathogens floating around in my body which was contributing to the already unnatural infection I had going on.  So we ditched the science of medicine and joined the artistic side of diagnosis. I spent hours having my body swabbed.  Skin, tears, mouth, throat, vagina and she poked my finger for blood.  And she looked at everything under a microscope.  There was a lot of “that’s odd” and “will you look at that” talk between her and her nurse.  The bottom line was my entire immune system was fucked up.  I had zero good bacteria anywhere. The bad bacteria in my swabs were typically seen in other parts of the body.


We ditched the aggressive medications.  I started taking a milder antibiotic and switched to liquid nystatin, typically used for babies with thrush.  It’s a swish and swallow type medication that tastes awful.  We also added live probiotics that cost wholayachunk of change that my insurance wouldn’t pay for.  But it worked.  I started feeling better within a few days. Two weeks later I was infection free.  I still fight thrush constantly.  For me, it’s chronic and rare in adults.  This will probably never go away.


So that’s what Doc That Rocks did for me through Facebook.  He simply reached out and taught me how to advocate for myself in the face of hopelessness.  My personal physician, Dr. Jennie, said it was a good thing he did.  If a fungal infection reaches the blood stream, it can be fatal.  I sing Doc That Rocks praises, because in essence, with a few small words of caution, he quite possibly saved my life.  I wished we loved closer together so he could oversee my current pelvic and bladder issues.



So it is with great pleasure to be able include Doc That Rocks as a contributor to the After Dark Blog.  Without further ado, let me introduce you to a man I admire.  He’s an obstetrician-gynecologist with a B.A. in Psychology from Rutgers College in New Brunswick, N.J. He received his Medical Doctorate from New York Medical College in Valhalla, N.Y. in 1996. He’s currently licensed and board certified in Seward County, Kansas.  He can curse with the best of them and his ink is a work of art.  He’s multicultural and bilingual.


In his geographical location, he was the first to perform Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (TLH).  He’s also the only one that can do so in his area.  He was the first physician to introduce the use of absorbable staples for use during Cesarean Sections and other surgical procedures. (Man I wish this was an option when I had my section).  He was the first physician to introduce Filshie Clip tubal sterilization.  He was the first physician to implement and make available a patient portal that allows patients to interact with the office through the electronic record system that is being utilized in the office.  He’s a believer in advancement of medical technologies.


He rates 4.7 out of a 5 star rating on UCHC which helps people make better decisions about their healthcare choices. Free reports help you find, research and compare hospitals, nursing homes, doctors, fertility centers and mammography centers. He also rates a 4.7 on a similar site which offers a personal search for physicians by guiding patients to physicians with targeted responses for giving you choices that best meet your health care needs.

Why is he here, on this blog, with me?  Partly because I asked but mostly for you!  For your vagina, reproductive organs and pelvic health.  Ask your questions in the comments or shoot me an email to forward to him.  Just remember “babies before blogging” and his schedule is at the whim of labor and delivery.  My first labor was 62 hours, so if there’s not an immediate response, he’s bringing a bundle of joy into the world safely.  Please be patient.  I’ve shared with a few others that he would be joining.  Some of my readers are very excited over the prospect of having an educated physician to ask questions they may not feel comfortable asking their personal physician face to face.  As Doc That Rocks treats those with vaginas, I am hopeful to find a physician who treats penises in the very near future.

I can’t wait to hear from all of you.  Subscribe to my blog and follow me on Twitter.  You won’t miss a thing if you do.  There’s a lot going on After Dark and I’d love for you to be a part of it.