My achievements have been limited this year. Mostly medical bullshit has interfered in anything remotely entertaining.  I don’t have any top posts of 2016 to share.  I don’t have a resolution to tell you about.  In the past, I’ve made resolutions, but I haven’t done anything of the like for many years.  I inevitably disappointment myself for not doing what I said I was going to do.  In which case I’m pissed off at myself for not doing it like I said I would. I’m much better with yearly goals I set out for myself.  A previous goal:  I wanted to learn how to knit.  I did learn how to knit.  I know one stitch and I suck at it.  The only thing I can make are ugly scarves. I have set up my achievements and goals as it relates to my ability to blog.  I’m not really bragging.  I will admit to being very proud of myself. I always expect the worst possible outcome.

My achievements for 2016 surpassed my expectations.  So I’m going full throttle into next year.  My goals for 2107 will involve my blog.  Surprised?  Neither was I.  My goal is to be a successful blogger.  The term is relative.  One shouldn’t use other blogger(s) statistics to define what successful means. As an example, I think Sunny Megatron set the bar pretty high as success goes.  “Sex with Sunny Megatron” on Showtime is pretty impressive.  I always wonder when she started blogging, did she think she’d be on television one day?  Successful for me will mean people will listen to what I have to say and want to read what I write.  I cannot use anyone else’s success to measure my own.  I just know I am embraced, covered with support, genuinely liked and have made great friendships through this journey.

I recently had a moment of clarity.  It was provided by Hedonish and Dizzygirl, two sex positive bloggers with whom I communicate regularly.  As part of #TeamAmazeballs Dizzygirl invited me to write an article on Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.  I also wrote an article as part of #TeamAmazeballs for Emmeline Peaches and she for me.

My achievements and goals for 2016 were helped along by two other people that deserve a public acknowledgment.  Hedonish gave my name to a company in Pennsylvania because their monthly blog theme for January is Pelvic Floor Disorders.  As a result of that referral, when I spoke with owner of the company, the remark was made that she learned several different things she didn’t know.  For me, with a blog of less than six months old, that was validation.  I’m going to quit being Negative Nelly and start being Positive Polly.  People are reading what I’m writing.  They may not say anything in the comments sections (is this a big deal or not? I can’t decide.)  I’m negotiating for contributors and I’m going to review some items totally unrelated to sex and figure out how to make them about sex.

Furthermore, within the last month, I’ve been interviewed, asked to speak and even helped design a sex toy specific to pelvic floor physical therapy, custom designed by Ceramic Pleasures.  I have acquired a company willing to sponsor a four week series on sensation play.  I’m opening an Ecommerce store on my blog sometime next year.  I have all kinds of fun goodies to giveaway. Some of sex them related and some aren’t.

There are to many people to thank for making my journey into successful blogger to list individually.  The positive sex blogging community is too numerous to name individually, but all of them cheered silently on the sidelines.  How do I know this?  Because this is what they do. I would publicly thank my husband for his support, but it’s totally unnecessary as I tell him everyday how much his support means to me.

But as I near the end of 2016, I have to give public acknowledgement to Social Media Manager Amberr Meadows of Happy Geek Media out of Atlanta.  This being my first serious blog, I had no idea what I was doing.  She walked me through the process from free blogger, to self hosted through Elegent WordPress Themes.  She held my hand the first two months, then cut me loose and let me soar.  Now, I only need her if something is seriously fucked up on my blog.  Like my mobile interface in November.  Those you who participated in my Wicked Butterfly Holiday Giveaway will understand this one.  She fixed in 30 seconds what WordPress couldn’t even figure out was wrong.

Her rates are reasonable.  If you need a lot help, or just a little bit of help, she’s available. Check her out on social media and connect with her.