When you purchase through L’Amourose you’re paying for elegance, quality presentation and a luxury sex toy the likes of which is rare to find.  I was given the privilege of receiving a L’Amourose Vera at no charge for testing purposes.  I was not disappointed.

Delivered discreetly in a plain brown box, getting a L’Amourose Vera was like receiving a present all wrapped in bows.  Literally bows on all the boxes.  There was time and effort put into packaging the Vera in a lovely presentation.  I couldn’t wait to see what was inside.

L’Amourose promotes Vera as a compact personal massager with remarkable power.  It’s not an empty boast.  More rumble than buzz, for all its strength, it’s one of the quietest vibrators I’ve ever used.  With 12 levels of motor speeds and five pulsating variations of delivery, this beauty has something for nearly every user.  It’s not so powerful hands or genitals will numb from overuse.  Feel free to use it as long as desired.  This is a “participation necessary” luxury sex toy. It’s my opinion that a user can’t simply turn in on and leave it in the same spot (like a wand) and expect to achieve climax.  I recognize all vulvas are different and each orgasm is unique.  A rubbing motion will aid in arousal and climax.

The shape of Vera is perfect for broad clitoris and vulva stimulation.  The rumbly sensation is delivered all over rather than an isolated area of connection.  The tip is rounded so there is less chance of direct clitoral stimulation.  Is it capable of giving me an orgasm?  No, but I also suffer from a sexual dysfunction so my orgasms are hard to come by.   I have tried a variety of toys which couldn’t bring me to orgasm and left me frustrated because of the experience.  However, the Vera is such a pleasurable experience for me, I don’t feel short changed.

The first drawback is this can be a slippery experience if too much water based lubricant is applied.  Having learned from experience, lube the body and not the toy.  This procedure will save aggravation.  The second drawback for me is the power buttons.  I’d like for them to take less force to depress.  Arthritic hands do not enjoy the experience.

L’Amourose  is committed to providing intimacy without compromising quality. Having made @dangrouslilly’s “List of Reputable Sex Toy Manufacturers”,  a purchaser can place their trust in these products.  Vera is waterproof for shower play and does not require batteries.  It comes fully charged for immediate use.

If you’d like to purchase Vera by L’Amourose, it sells for $115.00 and comes in three different colors.  Mine is cerise but black and pink are available. If you’re in the market for your very first luxury sex toy, look no further.  No affiliate links are used in this article