I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. “


There are so many things I like about the Oska Pulse.  From the story behind the name to the lady who makes the belts which accompanies the device, the Oska Wellness journey is a feel good story from start to finish.  The jewel on top of the crown is the simplicity of a pocket sized device for pain control which functions as described.  It’s a wearable, portable, silent and requires no wires, sticky pads or controllers. Turn it on. Turn it off.  Put it anywhere.  Put it everywhere.


Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) has been used in the US for over 60 years.  In 2003, NASA did a study and determined these low pulses of this type of energy released in small amounts were cable of stimulating cell growth, repairing damaged cells, and healing injured cells.   The conclusion of this study reported results in greater cell viability by 85%.  If it’s good enough for astronauts, it’s good enough for me.

There are other PEMF devices for pain relief and healing on the market.  They aren’t portable.  Nor are they made for the average citizen.  They are extremely cost prohibitive and require certification.  It’s the size of an ultrasound machine and can cost upwards of $20,000.00.


The device was named for a Koala Bear.  His name was Oscar.  He was badly burned in a forest fire and traditional treatment wasn’t working for the poor little feller.  It just so happened a veterinarian was the proud owner of an Oska Pulse. After a quick jaunt home to retrieve it, the Oska Pulse was placed beside Oscar.  It wasn’t very long after, Oscar stopped crying.  The device promoted healing well enough the cute little critter was released back into the wild to play with his other furry friends.

The Mission

Oska Wellness is committed to developing health and wellness technology-driven products that assist individuals in living a more active, pain-free lifestyle.

The Function

Oska® Pulse mimics how the body naturally recovers.

When cells are injured or have degenerated, they lose their electrical potential and are no longer able to exchange ions, causing inflammation and pain. Oska Pulse uses optimized PEMF to restore the electrical potential cells need to receive nutrients and oxygen, which stimulates cellular regeneration—relieving pain, and activating the body’s natural recovery process.

The Design

Oska Pulse is so small, you can take it just about anywhere for an easy 30-minute session . Take it to work, when you travel, on the couch, in bed—it’s optimized for portability.

These are direct quotes from the company’s website.  I encourage you to go take a look see over there at other testimonials besides my own.  They are also available on their Facebook page.


We have a cat that is almost three years old.  She begrudges me the very air I breathe and the space I occupy.  To put it mildly, she hates my ever lovin’ guts.  She is my husband’s cat.  She’s only my husband’s cat. She doesn’t cuddle with anyone other than my husband.  That changed when I started using the Oska.  Every single time I turned it on, she was on my lap.  The first time she jumped in my lap, I expected to have to fend off an attack of sharp teeth and pointy claws.  As soon as it turned itself off, she’d become vocal.  She’d stop caterwauling when I turned it back on.  She now knows when I turn it on.  I don’t know if she recognizes the beep or if there’s a sound it makes only she can hear, but she gives it 4 paws up.  She’ll even continue sleeping if I place it on her.


During the testing phase of the Oska, I had a Medtronic Interstem Implant.  After discussing how the device works with my surgeon, I wasn’t allowed to use it during the trial phase.  The wires to the temporary implant were exposed.  She didn’t want to take the chance on anything interfering with the signal from the battery pack to the implant.  I had the permanent battery placed two weeks later and was given reign to begin using my Oska again.  For my device, if I use it near my pelvic region, where most of my pain is associated, I have to turn the device off.  If I don’t, I have a return of my symptoms because the signal is disrupted.


If you’ve read my blog before today, you’ll know I have a real life pain in the ass that affects my hip which is caused from hypertonic pelvic floor dysfunction.  I wore this device on my hip all the live long day.  I had to be extra careful when using the restroom to remember to take it off because it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it.  Falling in the toilet would be bad mo jo.  These aren’t waterproof of water resistant.  Previous to owning the Oska, the ligament in my left hip would get stuck in the ball joint socket.  I was constantly tripping, falling and hopping on my right leg because my left leg was suddenly unavailable.  After several weeks of use with the Oska on my hip, I happily report those incidents have decreased tremendously.


I may have abused Oska when it first arrived.  I used it everywhere.  In between my shoulder blades is a painful area for me.  I’ve had trigger point injections into my lats twice previously.  The ouchy areas make it difficult to set the hook when I’m doing a little bit of bass fishing.  I was supposed to get another round of injections in March.  My shoulder doesn’t bother me anymore at all.  I’ve been fishing three times in the last month.  Caught a fish every single time with no pain.

The thing that most amazed me besides getting the hateful cat to like me is the reduction of swelling in my hands from arthritis.  I would hold the Oska Pulse in my left hand then my right.  I did this several times a day.  Anytime I knew I was going to be sitting for long periods of time, I grabbed it up.  After two weeks, my wedding band no longer fit.  It was too small.  So now I’m hoping for a new set for my birthday in July.

I could continue body part by body part and list all of my improvements.  That would get boring after a while.  If there was anything I would change about my Oska Pulse, I would make the beep louder for the hearing impaired.  My husband has severe hearing loss and can’t hear it when it shuts off.  I would also like a way to make the timer last longer than 30 minutes.  I eventually was able to turn it back on in the middle of the night without disturbing my sleep, but it did take a while.  This 30 minute cut off feature makes it difficult when you want to sleep with your device to promote pain free sleep and healing.

If you would like to try the Oska Pulse risk free for 90 days backed by a 100% guarantee by the company, you can purchase yours here or use coupon code BROKEN. Portions of the sale will in turn be paid to me through commission.  You can be pain free and help support my blog at the same time.