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What is CBD oil?  It’s made from hemp plants.  The plant has been processed to remove the THC.  Some benefits include reduction in anxiety and anti-inflammatory.  Is it legal? The DEA says any part of a marijuana plant is illegal.  For purposes of this conversation, as long as the oil isn’t made from pressed or extracted hempseed, the federal badges are leaving well enough alone.  Sixteen governors have signed bills into law making CBD oil legal.  Some specify the disease,  percentage and measurement.  Make sure to check your state’s laws.

Why Premier Biomedical Pain Management Solutions? The pain patch uses extracted Hemp Oil. It’s purified before it’s used in the patches.  The process by which the hemp oil is extracted makes it one of the highest and most purified CBD extracts used in this market.  There are no additives or preservatives.  It’s an all natural solution for mild to severe pain.  I can stand behind a company that provides all natural solutions to something.  In this case, it’s pain management.

The medication fills in a button sized well in a band-aid style patch. It’s gold in color which signifies the purity of the hemp oil.  It comes with a very light fragrance (my guess is essential oils commonly used for pain management) that is very pleasant.  My only concern in trying this patch was I have a severe sensitivity to adhesive.  The doctor’s call it contact dermatitis.  I call it painful.  I had a severe reaction to the butterfly tape placed over my incision in April.  I am happy to report I had no reaction at all using this patch.  I just need to ask them to make bandaids.  It’s the first time since the days of skinned knees and stubbed toes I didn’t break out from a bandaid.

I was recovering from surgery when this arrived.  Our plan was to let my husband use it.  But I was so sore for so long he decided not to use it.  I got to use it instead.  It comes in a sealed, sterile package.  The piece of plastic covering the patch is easy to remove.  I placed it on my left hip where my pain is isolated.  Not long after, the area was infused with warmth. It was a pleasant feeling that lasted for several hours.  The pain patch releases a small dose over a long period of time.  Within a few hours my hip was 85% pain free.  It stayed that way the entire five days I wore the patch.

I was able to shower and soak in the tub without losing the patch during that time.  If you have a large area of radiated pain, it’s my opinion you would need more than one patch.  Since my area is pretty specific the patch worked wonders for me.  It relaxed the area enough I was able to sleep on my left side for a few days.  That hasn’t happened in years.

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